Tutorial: LCD + Temperature sensor (English)

Spanish Version

The objective of this tutorial is modeling and programming an outdoor thermometer. To do this we will represent the data measured by a LM35 temperature sensor on a 16 x 2 LCD.

The components that we use will be:

1 x Breadboard 

1 x Arduino one (controller) 

1 x LM35 temperature Sensor  

1 x potentiometer (Variable resistor) 

1 x resistor of 220 Ohm 

1 x LCD 16 x 2

To begin our Assembly, we will prepare the Breadboard. First of all We will connect a wire joining our positive pole of the Breadboard with 5V PIN. Then, We will connect the negative of the Breadboard with GND in our controller. Finally, to avoid future problems we will make two bridges in the middle of the board to attach each other positive and negative each other ranks. 

Now that we have the Breadboard part will connect the LCD. So the LCD be prepared previously to connect it to a Breadboard. If you missed this tutorial you can access it here (Spanish).

We will place the LCD with the pins as in the picture setting as much as possible to the right side leaving space for the other components. Then, we will place our potentiometer and our sensor more or less as shown in the image. 

We have already placed all components in our breadboard, so we will have to start with the connections.

First step we will connect the contrast of the LCD screen. This part affects to the potentiometer and LCD components. Connecting the left leg of the potentiometer to the positive of the Breadboard (5V) row. 

To the right leg we will connect a wire to the negative (GND) Breadboard row. The center leg is that interacts with the LCD. We will connect the central leg with the third PIN of the LCD (starting on the left looking at the sketch).

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